Name:Chen Xiaomin Gender: female Date of birth:1977-02-07 Place of birth:Heshan, Guangdong Province Sport:Weightlifting
  • Sports career:
    Took up weightlifting in 1989. Entered the Guangdong provincial team in 1991. Joined the national team in 1992.

    1994 Selected one of Top Ten Athletes of Guangdong

    At present:
    Graduate of law from Guangdong Business College.
  • High performances:
    1993 National Games - 1st 54kg (surpassing three ARs on six occasions)
    1993 World Women's Championships - 1st 54kg snatch, C&J & total (three WRs)
    1994 National Championships - 1st 59kg
    1994 Hiroshima Asian Games - 1st 59kg (equalling WR with 97.5kg in snatch and breaking WRs with 122.5kg in C&J and 220kg in two-lift total)
    1995 World Women's Championships - 1st 59kg snatch, C&J & total (92.5kg, 122.5kg & 215kg, rewriting WR in C&J with 123.5kg), 1st team
    1996 Asian Championships - 1st 59kg total (207.5kg)
    1996 Warsaw World Women's Championships - 1st 59kg snatch (97.5kg) & total (207.5kg), breaking WR in snatch (99kg); 2nd C&J (110kg)
    1997 Asian Women's Championships - 1st 64kg snatch, C&J & total (breaking WR in snatch with 107.5kg)
    2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 1st 63kg class (242.5kg)