Name:Yao Jingyuan Gender: male Date of birth:1958-06-14 Place of birth:Yingkou, Liaoning Province Sport:Weightlifting Personal best:1984 Olympic Games - 1st 67.5kg class
  • Sports career:
    Known as a powerboy, he began weightlifting training in 1973 and was soon taken on by the Liaoning provincial team. Joined the national team for intensified training in 1979.

    Also known as a "Powerman with small hands".

    1984 - Awarded National Sports Medal of Honour by the State Physical Culture and Sports Commission

    To overcome the difficulty brought by his small hands which often failed him at critical moment, Yao Jingyuan had kept up his practice for over a dozen years before becoming an Olympic champion.

    At present:
    Coach on Liaoning Weightlifting Team
  • High performances:
    1979 World Championships - 3rd 67.5kg C&J (172.5kg)
    1982 Asian Championships - 1st 67.5kg total
    1983 National Games - Three ARs in 67.5kg snatch (140kg), C&J (177.5kg) & total (317.5kg)
    1984 World Championships - 1st 67.5kg C&J & total
    1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games - 1st 67.5kg total
    1985 World Championships - 3rd 67.5kg snatch & total
    1986 Seoul Asian Games - 1st
    1987 National Games - 3rd 67.5kg (breaking ARs on several occasions)